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Learn about our conservation and volunteer opportunities.

Join Us During the Volunteer Season!

Once a month from October through April, Thursdays to Sundays.

If you’re interested in taking part, please reach out to us for more information using our Contact Form HERE.


Leonard Lake Reserve is a family owned business, the land here is protected and is governed by a conservation easement. With that being said, guests who choose to stay here for vacation or holding events are contributing to the protection and conservation work being done here.

Live ~ Connect ~ Educate ~ Steward

Stewardship can be described as work, but also as a relationship. As stewards of the land, we form relationships with the natural landscape we live in, and our peers who live here with us. It is a vessel for learning, and allowing Mother Nature to be ours, as much as we are her’s. -Jared

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The Deets

  • RSVP 2 weeks before each event, or sooner.
  • Pack breakfast and lunch for the days you plan to attend. Dinners provided!
  • Bring cotton work clothes, waterproof gear, boots, gloves, and perhaps your favorite tool. (Loppers, chainsaw..)
  • Plan to work from 8:30-3:30, then kick it.
  • Projects include pruning overgrown areas, choppin’ down abundant Doug-firs, Rx fire site prep, broadcast and pile burning, invasive species plucking, and making that kitchen smell good before supper time!
  • Kids and dogs welcome as well!

The most commonly asked questions regarding the houses and amenities.

Do I need to attend all days?

Nope. Come and go as you please! Just let us know your planned attendance in advance so we can coordinate lodging appropriately.

How much does it cost to stay during volunteer week?

Volunteers vacation for free.

Do the houses have...

Yes! Water, electricity, WiFi, laundry, bathrooms, kitchens, fridges, heating, you name it!

What should I bring besides my breakfast and lunch food?

I like to tell people all you need is an old pair of pants and a good joke. However, I should include warm/waterproof clothing, PPE for those working around saws, and anything you need for a little trip.

Can I camp?

Uhm, yea! Hope you have some blankets though. It’s gunna be chilly!

Will there be time to take out a canoe, go for a hike, ID some cool mushrooms and birds, and enjoy a toasty bonfire?

Ok this isn’t really a FAQ… we are just trying to convince you to get over here :) But yes, obviously.


Have a look at some of the videos and image from previous Volunteer Trip Dates.